The Bahamas Set to Launch New Blockchain Credentials System

It appears that individuals seeking jobs in the Bahamas will now be enabled to share and authenticate their certificates from anywhere in the world, this innovation is comparatively convenient and will largely reduce unnecessary bureaucracy to the barest.
According to the Nassau Guardian, this development occurred shortly after the Commonwealth of the Bahamas became the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean region to develop a blockchain-based system known as Bahamas Blockcert with nation-wide capacity.
With the instrumentality of this ingenious technology, the Caribbean government aims to modernize and enhance the educational qualification including certificates, diplomas, and academic degrees will be created, awarded, viewed and verified as well.
Though, some reports have it that the Bahamas, through National Training Agency (NTA), has issued their first certificates sometimes last month with about 78 students in their mandatory Workforce Preparatory programme graduating class as beneficiaries
The first Bahamas Blockcert digital certificates were released late in June by the archipelago’s National Training Agency (NTA) to 78 participants of an initiative meant to prepare trainees for the workforce.

Virtual Certificates Links Collection

The technology would require participants of the initiative store their Bahamas Blockcert Portfolio on a mobile application and this will mainly comprise of a collection of URL which uniquely identifies every virtual certificate that an individual has garnered.
Instead of the requiring the traditional paper certificates, all that an applicant with the Bahamas Blockcert will be needed to do is to add the website link to their resumes. These links can also be sent to prospective employers who will, in turn, be enabled to verify the originality of the digital certificates. Perhaps in the future, the National Training Agency has intentions to issue the blockchain virtual certificates for every individual training and offers are being made to unemployed citizens as well as those acquiring additional skills.
At the moment, it seems as though the NTA of the Bahamas is the only agency which is exploiting the ingenuity of the blockchain digital certification system but the agency has plans to involve 23 other national agencies to this innovative project. Some of these agencies included will be; the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute, the Department of Inland Revenue, University of the Bahamas as well as the National Insurance Board and others.

What Next After Educational Certification?

This enviable innovation in the Bahamas which is currently limited to educational certification alone at the moment as a bright future as the initiative might expand into other several instances such as; taxation, business licensing, compliance certificates and other documents where the conventional paper or the pdf are being used. The minister of labor in the Bahamas, Dion Foulkes, while being interviewed by The Nassau Guardian, stated that;
“We piloted the initiative with the NTA, but the vision is to have Bahamas Blockcerts form a core part of the government’s National Blockchain Strategy,”
He went further to state the reason behind this project, saying that;

 “We are talking about using the technology for citizen security, to improve the land registry and a host of other initiatives.”

Similarly, some other economies around the world have come up with similar blockchain project with the aim of simplifying the authentication of education certificates using the blockchain technology.
It is worthy of note that reputable academic institutions have embarked on this journey as well, the French institution, Leonardo da Vinci Engineering School, and the San Francisco-based Holberton School. In both instances, the blockchain technology was duly considered more secure, efficient and cheap compared to the conventional method of verification which apparently needs a successor already.
The blockchain technology revolution is one which is not confined in the four walls of any country as it is about time other nations with uncertainty began to wake to the reality of the Distribution Ledger Technology (DLT).

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