Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thailand Develops Hybrid Blockchain-based Voting System

Thailand has developed a Blockchain-based voting system that can be used for conducting elections in the national, community, and provincial level. A local media outlet revealed this on January 3, stating that the hybrid system is about to undergo testing. Also,  collaborations have been sought from universities where the pilot phase will undergo.

Blockchain to Bring About Data Integrity and Eliminate Fraud

The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) is behind the said system. According to NECTEC, it aims to bring about data integrity and eliminate fraud during elections. This reason is, Blockchain will take away the need to transport ballot boxes to the election controllers and votes made will be visible in real time.

The next stage is to test the system to ensure its speed and ease of usage. Regarding speed, plans have been made to make it 5G compatible and also give all users easy access to the network. People also need to be educated on how to use it to bring about smooth operations during the elections.

Thais at Home and Abroad to Vote Using Blockchain-based Platform

Accordingly, the new system can be used by Thais at home and abroad during the electoral process. The later can vote at the embassy right from their smartphone where their mobile camera will be used as a means of verification. For citizens at home, they do not have to move to polling units. This is because all that is required is a stable internet connection and their votes can be cast.

Currently, partners such as universities, communities, provinces are being sorted to test the system in a closed environment. There are also plans that it will be used in the National Science and Technology Development Agency. According to Charlee Vorakulpipat, head of the cybersecurity laboratory at Nectec, this hybrid system can be used in business votes.

West Virginia Conducts Elections Using Blockchain-Based System

Thailand is not the first country that wants to use the technology of the Blockchain to conduct elections. This is because the same can be said about West Virginia, a State in the U.S who in November 2018  had its general elections successfully conducted with a voting app known as the Voatz system.

Like Thailand, this is an application that allowed residents abroad to vote using their biometric authentication. Moreover, voters could check if their votes had been sent and counted.

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