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Terra Virtua releases ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ NFTs to coincide with movie release

Warner Bros. cast a wide net, granting licensing for the movie to three different parties
Nonfungible tokens seem to be popping up everywhere lately — so why not on the big screen?Digital collectibles and virtual reality platform Terra Virtua is planning to launch today a line of Godzilla vs. Kong nonfungible token (NFT) collectibles created in collaboration with film production giants Warner Brothers — among the first-ever NFT drops to coincide with the release of a major film. Currently, collectors can buy retro-themed Godzilla and Kong Island posters for 75$, but more elaborate animations will be released later today. The Terra Virtua homepage currently has a themed waitlist active, with users granted a ten-minute window on the site to make purchases. You lucky things, considering the movie launches TOMORROW, we’ve decided to release not one but TWO exclusive 2DA posters. It really is time to pick your side. Will you go for #TeamKong or #TeamGodzilla? #GvK #NFTDROP #Legendary #NFT— Terra Virtua HQ | Collecting. Reinvented. (@TerraVirtuaHQ) March 30, 2021
Utility vs. recognizabilityWhile Godzilla and King Kong are battling it out on the big screen, when it comes to NFT platforms it’s increasingly a race to see who can offer the most functionality, as well as gain access to beloved brands. Multiple VR and gaming projects are cooking new ways to add utility to NFTs. Ecomi, a rival VR-slash-NFT project has been flexing a slick “vault” feature on Twitter, where users can enjoy …
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