Ternoa (CAPS), Transmit Your Memories and Private Data Thanks to the Blockchain

How can you make sure that your memories and private data are transmitted reliably to the future? Security, durability, respect for integrity: these are all essential components for ensuring the transmission of data. However, the process is often complex , in particular in the event of death. The various steps are not only long and tedious but also expensive. Based on this observation, the French startup Capsule Corp. has had the idea to create Ternoa.
Ternoa to Redefine Data Transmission
Designed to securely store and transmit data, Ternoa uses the blockchain and all the benefits it brings to redefine data transmission.
To achieve this, Ternoa allows its users to create time capsules whose opening and reception procedures are decided by their creators.
Entirely open source and decentralized, the Ternoa blockchain is based on Polkadot, a protocol focusing on interoperability by linking several specialized blockchains into a single unified network. This interoperability is the key to Ternoa’s success, helping it to communicate with other blockchains specializing in certain data protocols.

“The Ternoa blockchain redirects files stored in time capsules to blockchains whose decentralized file storage is the main mission such as Arweave, Sia or Storj, while keeping a copy of the file on its own network”, says the team.
Ternoa will also use Chainlink’s oracles, which ensure that certain conditions are met in managing the issuance and delivery of a capsule.
The Ternoa blockchain has its own token, called the CAPS. This token will play many roles in Ternoa’s …
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