Securities and Exchange Commission

Signs That A Crypto Exchange Might Be Displaying Fake Trading Volumes

Almost 95 percent of Bitcoin trading volume is fake and that can be attributed to a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are...

Apple Notes Blockchain Guidelines in Recent SEC Filing

Apple, a U.S based tech giant on February 15, filed a “Conflict Minerals Report”. The report titled "Summary of Apple’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing"...

U.S. Congressmen Seek To Make Cryptocurrencies Free Of Security Laws

Some the US congressmen seek to release cryptocurrency from any obligation to securities law. If their plan works, then we can be sure to...

Congressman to Eliminate SEC’s Jurisdiction Over Cryptocurrency

Warren Davidson is an Ohio Congressman who seeks to eliminate the SEC's Jurisdiction over cryptocurrency. Currently, he is making plans to pass a bill that...

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Bitcoin whales need to decline the upcoming opportunity. Here’s why

Bitcoin's price has moved an awful lot in the past 24-hours but the entire community was on market watch. With analysts tracking different metrics...

Forex Vs. Cryptocurrency In 2020: Are Forex Traders Leaving In Favor Of Crypto?

Forex, or foreign exchange, is the marketplace for the world’s currencies. This week, our data researchers asked over 200 active forex traders if they...

OneCoin Investors Allege BNY Mellon Aided $4B Fraud

Following the publication of the FinCEN Files on Monday, investors suing OneCoin have now filed charges against BNY Mellon.

OCC’s First Issued Guidance for Stablecoins Brings More Questions

For some, the OCC's recent stablecoin guidance, while helpful, raises as many issues as it clarifies.

Russian Web Censor Tells Binance It’s Been Blacklisted – Three Months Late

Roskomnadzor blacklisted Binance in June, but apparently only made the cryptocurrency exchange aware of its decision today.