Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Ron Paul

‘Recession Is Near For US Economy’ Says Economist

US Federal Reserve continues to hunt the the country's economy after its series of increased interest rates in 2018. US Economy In Recession? Now, Canadian economist...

Former U.S. Congressman Says Recession Can be Avoided If Cryptocurrency is Adopted

Ron Paul, a former US congressman is not happy with the recent increase in interest rate by the US Federal Reserve, the central bank...

“End The Fed”: Statesman Ron Paul Wishes To Use Crypto And Abolish Fed

The clash between cryptocurrencies and central banks seems to be never-ending, up until now. Since then, almost all central banks around the world, are dismissing...

Latest news

Does COVID-19 Have the World Rethinking Dollar Supremacy?

A reading of a piece by a Yale professor and former head of Morgan Stanley Asia arguing the dollar’s status is changing rapidly.

Listen: What a Bitcoin Researcher Says About Lightning

Chaincode Labs researcher Clara Shikhelman has been studying mathematics in university since she was 14 years old. Now, as the bitcoin company’s newest post-doctoral...

Hyper-Stablecoinization: From Eurodollars to Crypto-Dollars

Crypto-dollarization is the world's next best hope to meet its insatiable demand for U.S. dollars.

The Mixed Signals Economy: The Breakdown Weekly Recap

Jobless claims are down, coronavirus cases are up and the markets simply don’t know what to do.

Sale of the Century: The Inside Story of Ethereum’s 2014 Premine

"Now anyone could be an investor in one of the most cutting-edge technology companies out there. All they needed was an internet connection and...
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