Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Euro Poll: Cryptocurrencies Won’t Die in 10 Years but Bitcoin Will Be Overtaken

Hey, what do you think about cryptocurrencies, will they still be here 10 years from now? How about Bitcoin, what are the...

Largest Bank in Poland Will Use Blockchain for Document Management

Poland’s top bank, POK Bank Polski is set to launch a blockchain platform which aims at proffering a solution for its customer’s document by...

Poland Clarifies Virtual Currency Taxation, Proposes New Bill

Lawmakers in Poland have introduced a new bill which is aimed at distilling the cloud of uncertainty hovering over its position on digital currency...

BitBay Company Introduces Fiat Currency Exchange As Its New Feature

Poland's largest cryptocurrency exchange company BitBay, provided a great news for its users after the announcement on Monday, that introduced FIAT Currency Exchange as the...

Poland’s Central Bank Allegedly Funds a Youtube Propaganda Against Cryptocurrencies

Allegations of the Central Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski) funding a Youtube “smear campaign” directed against cryptocurrencies have recently surfaced. According to the...

Latest news

Low-Cap Index Hits All-Time High as Small Cryptocurrencies Rally

A novel index of 50 low-capitalization cryptocurrencies made new all-time highs as it continues to outperform bitcoin.

The Real Story Behind Tesla’s Crazy Rally

As Elon Musk settles into being richer than Warren Buffett, NLW looks at what is driving the Tesla stock rally.

Google Searches for Chainlink Hits Record High as Link Token Rallies

Have you googled Chainlink lately? You're far from the only one, according to new data.

Blockchain Bites: It’s Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin's mining difficulty is at a record high, Singapore's CBDC may find commercial use and Chinese companies are going in on Filecoin.

Polkadot’s Inaugural Vote Could Expand DOT Supply by 1000x

The first vote on Polkadot will be to see whether the DOT supply should be redenominated by a "logical" 100x or even by 1000x.
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