Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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john mcafee

John McAfee Threatens to Reveal Satoshi’s True Identity, Backs Out at Dime Minute

John McAfee is known with various titles including the "founder of McAfee Antivirus," "first U.S. presidential candidate to run a campaign while...

Chris Burniske: Bitcoin (BTC) Will Hit Market Cap of $1 Trillion in The Next Bull Run

Bitcoin's performance in the month of April has given a lot of people in the crypto sphere confidence. From $4,200 as of...

John McAfee: It is Mathematically Impossible for Bitcoin to Trade Below $1 million by 2020’s End

John McAfee is extremely bullish about Bitcoin, and one thing the crypto community has come to know him for is, he is...

Bitcoin Surges Past $5200 As Top Cryptocurrencies Market Cap Surges

Impressive! That's only one way to describe Bitcoin's price performance in the last 24 hours and generally, the month of April. We've...

Ran NeuNer: “If Bitcoin Was a Bubble, I’ve Never Seen a Bubble Pop Twice”

The gradual increase in Bitcoin's price over the past one week has woken up a lot of criticism about the virtual asset....

John McAfee Predicted Bitcoin’s Bull Run Two Weeks Ago, Says Bear Market is Over

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates is extremely bullish when it comes to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. After...

Bitcoin Undervalues By 89 Percent from McAfee’s Prediction of $1 Million by 2020

John McAfee is reputably known for his antivirus software and being on the run from the IRS while on a presidential campaign. In 2017,...

Bitcoin Evangelist, John McAfee Declares Campaign Slogan as “Don’t Vote McAfee”

John McAfee, reputably known for his Antivirus software and controversial remarks towards the government is at it again. This time, it's about his 2020...

John McAfee to Run Presidential Campaign in Exile After Being Charged by IRS

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates on January 22, announced on Twitter that he will be running his presidential campaign in exile while...

HitBTC’s Account Freeze Attracts Negative Reactions from Crypto Big Players

The action taken by crypto exchange HitBTC to stop withdrawals has not been well received in the crypto world, and some big industry players...

Latest news

Low-Cap Index Hits All-Time High as Small Cryptocurrencies Rally

A novel index of 50 low-capitalization cryptocurrencies made new all-time highs as it continues to outperform bitcoin.

The Real Story Behind Tesla’s Crazy Rally

As Elon Musk settles into being richer than Warren Buffett, NLW looks at what is driving the Tesla stock rally.

Google Searches for Chainlink Hits Record High as Link Token Rallies

Have you googled Chainlink lately? You're far from the only one, according to new data.

Blockchain Bites: It’s Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin's mining difficulty is at a record high, Singapore's CBDC may find commercial use and Chinese companies are going in on Filecoin.

Polkadot’s Inaugural Vote Could Expand DOT Supply by 1000x

The first vote on Polkadot will be to see whether the DOT supply should be redenominated by a "logical" 100x or even by 1000x.
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