Friday, July 10, 2020
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Cryptocurrencies Valued At $4.6 Million Lost To Electrum Botnet

The horrifying rampage of the botnet attacking Electrum has continued to leave devastation in its wake. Now at 152,000 infected computers, the...

Report: Cryptojacking Threats On The Rise In South Korea

According to a report of Microsoft Korea released on April 22, Korea faces a surge in cryptojacking threat. The tech firm advises...

Ukranian Man Faces Six Years Jailtime for Cryptojacking Using A Website

The massive adoption of cryptocurrencies is definitely a good thing and it's what most crypto companies are trying to foster. However, it...

Hacker Steals 2.9 Million EOS Cryptocurrency Following Failure to Update Blacklist

An unknown hacker on February 22, was able to steal 2.09 million EOS cryptocurrency valued at about $7.7 million from a malicious account. The...

20-Year-Old Hacker to Spend 10 Years in Prison for Stealing $5 Million in Cryptocurrency

Joel Ortiz, an alleged hacker will be spending 10 years in prison after accepting a plea bargain. The 20-year-old stole the identity of about...

Cryptopia Hack Resumes 15 Days after First Attack

One would think that after the initial hack of Cryptopia, plans would be set in motion to forestall future occurrences, but no, that is...

Mastermind Behind Iceland’s “Biggest Bitcoin Heist” Sentenced to Four and a Half Years in Prison

According to a media report on January 22, Sindri Stefansson, the mastermind behind Iceland's "Biggest Bitcoin Heist" has been sentenced to four and a...

Ripple Says Only XRP Private Keys With Software From 2015 are Susceptible to Attack

According to Ripple's press release on January 16, only Ripple (XRP) software libraries that were generated prior to August 2015 are susceptible to attack....

Binance Freezes Stolen Cryptopia Funds Transferred to its Exchange

Just when crypto enthusiasts thought they'd heard the last on the Cryptopia security breach, another news has emerged. This time, it's about Binance, a...

New Zealand-Based Cryptopia Got Hacked, Now Under Investigation

Even if the market continues to show unpredictability in the crypto rates, one thing seemed to be unchanging: cryptojacking. Cryptopia's Hacking Incident Another crypto exchange company...

Latest news

The Federal Reserve’s Declining Balance Sheet Is Bearish for Bitcoin. Or Is It?

The Fed’s balance sheet just dropped the most in 11 years, but despite popular opinion, that is not necessarily bad news for bitcoin.

Crypto ‘Giveaway’ Scams Continue to Flourish on YouTube

Cryptocurrency scams continue to appear on YouTube, misusing content from influential people in the space and stealing from the gullible.

A Rare Glimpse Into How Crypto Is Really Used in Venezuela

After airdropping cryptocurrency to 60,000 users in Venezuela, AirTM survey results suggest how crypto is really used in the economically troubled nation.

Ethereum and EOSIO Square Up Over Enterprise Blockchain Business in Latin America

With ConsenSys in one corner and LatamLink in the other, a project backed by the Inter-American Development Bank is weighing Ethereum vs. EOS tech.

Brave Browser Partners With bitFlyer to Expand BAT’s Reach in Japan

The crypto exchange will build a BAT wallet for Brave as it helps the cryptocurrency grow in Japan.
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