Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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cryptocurrency Pay Launches Easier and Fiat-Converted Bitcoin Invoicing Service

Amid Coronavirus, people are now looking for an alternative financial entity that they can use and depend on. And while the market demands, businesses are required to...

US COVID-19 Stimulus Proposes Using Digital Dollar to Distribute Fund

United States of America is now facing a possible meltdown on its economy due to the huge impact of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the country....

Eminem Promotes Bitcoin to His Millions of Followers

Eminem is a popular American singer; loved by those who like to bop their head to a good Rap song. Same goes for lovers...

Bitcoin May Tank with the Dow Jones But BTC Promises Better Gains As Halving Approaches

Dow Jones and Bitcoin seem to have something in common, and that is both falling in prices at the same time. Dow Jones, for...

Oil Prices, Bitcoin Fall, Yet Bitcoin is a Better Investment

Bitcoin, as well as oil prices, has fallen significantly within the past 24 hours. But unlike crude oil, there is so much confidence that...

Bitcoin Could Surge to New Heights As New York Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has called a state emergency over the increasing spread of coronavirus in the state. New York now has...

Airdroprating Helps You Find the Best Crypto Airdrops

Did you know you can get your wallet funded with cryptocurrency without ever spending a dime? It's possible! But first, meet Airdroprating, a reliable...

Chris Burniske Predicts Two Possible Outcomes for the Future of Cryptocurrency

Chris Burniske, a partner of the Placeholder VC investment group predicts two possible outcomes for the future of cryptocurrency. And how these crypto-assets may...

Gocrypto Payment Gateway Onboards 1000 Merchant Locations Worldwide

Dejan Roljic, CEO of Gocrypto payment gateway revealed the company onboards 1000 merchant locations worldwide. And the platform has expanded to Latin America and...

Australian Court Accepts Cryptocurrency as Security for Legal Costs

An Australian court accepts $20,000 Australian dollar (AUD) in a cryptocurrency account from the defendant as a security to cover potential legal costs. According...

Latest news

Low-Cap Index Hits All-Time High as Small Cryptocurrencies Rally

A novel index of 50 low-capitalization cryptocurrencies made new all-time highs as it continues to outperform bitcoin.

The Real Story Behind Tesla’s Crazy Rally

As Elon Musk settles into being richer than Warren Buffett, NLW looks at what is driving the Tesla stock rally.

Google Searches for Chainlink Hits Record High as Link Token Rallies

Have you googled Chainlink lately? You're far from the only one, according to new data.

Blockchain Bites: It’s Never Been Harder to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin's mining difficulty is at a record high, Singapore's CBDC may find commercial use and Chinese companies are going in on Filecoin.

Polkadot’s Inaugural Vote Could Expand DOT Supply by 1000x

The first vote on Polkadot will be to see whether the DOT supply should be redenominated by a "logical" 100x or even by 1000x.
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