Friday, July 10, 2020
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How to Have Bitcoin? Microsoft Introduces New Crypto Mining Process That Depends on Your Actions

Are you interested in having your own set of Bitcoins? During these financial breakdowns, having a backup bitcoin seemed to be a great idea. Interestingly, tech...

Bitcoin Scammers Use New Zealand’s Prime Minister Picture to Extort Cryptos

If a bitcoin company has a picture of a well-known personality on its website, will you take the chance to invest money in it?... Pay Launches Easier and Fiat-Converted Bitcoin Invoicing Service

Amid Coronavirus, people are now looking for an alternative financial entity that they can use and depend on. And while the market demands, businesses are required to...

US COVID-19 Stimulus Proposes Using Digital Dollar to Distribute Fund

United States of America is now facing a possible meltdown on its economy due to the huge impact of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the country....

Crypto While COVID-19: Interest in Bitcoin Surges in Google and Baidu Search

Coronavirus is now forcing everyone in the world to stay in their homes. And if you are stuck at home, what else can you...

Bitcoin Can’t Save you on Coronavirus Crisis; Why is That?

If you're into investing in online currencies or cryptocurrencies, you would expect that these cryptos will likely take over the financial crisis happening around...

Eminem Promotes Bitcoin to His Millions of Followers

Eminem is a popular American singer; loved by those who like to bop their head to a good Rap song. Same goes for lovers...

UEFA Champions League Kicks Off; Several Clubs Associates With Bitcoin

The UEFA Champions League season is here again, and even though fears of coronavirus lingers, sports fanatics are excited about the game of football....

Bitcoin May Tank with the Dow Jones But BTC Promises Better Gains As Halving Approaches

Dow Jones and Bitcoin seem to have something in common, and that is both falling in prices at the same time. Dow Jones, for...

Oil Prices, Bitcoin Fall, Yet Bitcoin is a Better Investment

Bitcoin, as well as oil prices, has fallen significantly within the past 24 hours. But unlike crude oil, there is so much confidence that...

Latest news

Crypto ‘Giveaway’ Scams Continue to Flourish on YouTube

Cryptocurrency scams continue to appear on YouTube, misusing content from influential people in the space and stealing from the gullible.

A Rare Glimpse Into How Crypto Is Really Used in Venezuela

After airdropping cryptocurrency to 60,000 users in Venezuela, AirTM survey results suggest how crypto is really used in the economically troubled nation.

Ethereum and EOSIO Square Up Over Enterprise Blockchain Business in Latin America

With ConsenSys in one corner and LatamLink in the other, a project backed by the Inter-American Development Bank is weighing Ethereum vs. EOS tech.

Brave Browser Partners With bitFlyer to Expand BAT’s Reach in Japan

The crypto exchange will build a BAT wallet for Brave as it helps the cryptocurrency grow in Japan.

Coinbase Plans First-Ever Investor Day Amid Talk It May Go Public

It’s unclear if the Aug. 14 virtual meeting is related to a rumored plan to take Coinbase public, but such events often presage direct...
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