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Swiss Food Manufacturer to Track Fish Products Using Blockchain Technology

The Swiss food manufacturer, Gustav Gerig is now the first European importer to track fishes from when they’re caught to their processing stage using Blockchain technology. This development is to provide an optimal level of transparency and offer sustainable goods to the public. One way this is made possible is by showing clients all the stages canned fishes underwent before their delivery.

 Atato, Developer of Blockchain-based Platform to Canned Fishes

For this project, Atato, a Blockchain service provider developed the platform for Gustav Gerig. But then, every MSC certified, and pouched Rosé tuna product that is under the company’s “Raimond Freres” brand will be recognizable with a Pacifical logo stamped on the can’s lid.

The Pacifical logo shows that the product is MSC certified and denotes the region where the fishes were caught. There will also be a QR code on the product’s label which will then be stored on Blockchain to aid in traceability. Once a consumer or retailer scans the code, they will be able to access the Blockchain-based website where this information is stored.

Accessibility of a Product’s Record on Blockchain

Next, they will have to enter the Pacifical tracking code on the website, and all the details about that particular product will be displayed. Users will get to see details like catch timing as well as the when and where the fishes were processed. These details will cover about 220 large fishing vessels and the supply chain.

The final product will undergo inspection by JMB International Thailand. This is a quality control third party that has over 30 years of experience in the tuna industry. A combination of all these processes will help to bring about transparency and traceability of Gustav Gerig’s products.

Blockchain Technology Aiding in Traceability of Food Products

The Spanish company, Carrefour have employed tracking of livestock with the use of Blockchain. This is a company that wants to store the records of healthy chickens that have not been treated with antibiotics. As a result, they are healthy to be eaten, and consumers will be able to differentiate them from others.

Shanghai Great Lion Food & Beverages Management Co., Ltd, a food and beverage company in China is also tracking its wine and beer using Blockchain technology. This is in a bid to combat the circulation of fake alcohol in the market. In this aspect, the entire supply chain involved in these products will be stored on Blockchain. Moreover, customers can track these details and determine the genuineness of a beer or wine.

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