Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sweden’s Official Currency Changed To Bitcoin After Hack Activity

Hacking incidents all over the world can be categorized unto two forms. First, the extremely threatening ones which might cause an all-out war, or the second one, that might cause, well, a bitcoin surge.

It Got Hacked!

It was reported on April 15 via the local networks in Sweden that their Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s twitter account had recently got hacked by a group of unidentified hackers.

Though the account was immediately deleted after the confirmed hacking, a tweet about crypto stuff already circulated in the internet.

Swedish Krono To Bitcoin Real Quick

According to the now removed tweeted post of Social Democrats-– which is led by the Prime Minister, Löfven was said to had recently resigned on his post.

You might think that this is the worst that could have happened but another tweet from the said account stated a recommendation to change Sweden’s official currency from Swedish Krona to the ever-popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Added to that, the account’s name was also changed to “Bitcoind Democrats” and the logo of the group was also inserted with the bitcoin logo– as a way to promote the virtual currency.

After 30 minutes of posting malicious tweets about the country, Twitter had finally identified the account as hacked and removed all the posts from Social Democrats.

Not For Crypto But For Socialism

Today, a local news site named Trijo News, released an investigative article about what really happened in the account. Trijo News even shared their interview with the alleged hacker wherein he said that there were five people along with him.

As narrated by him, “I simply contacted Twitter’s support and pretended to be Stefan Löfven. Twitter used to be really good at verifying identities until we found a way to get around it.”

Interestingly, the unknown source mentioned his motives in the said act. According to him, the hacking is only a test for Twitter’s security. Unlike the obvious crypto propaganda, he told Trijo News that ‘socialism is wrong’ – – which implied that the act was just to prove how weak social media platforms like Twitter are when it comes to verification, and not about crypto promotion.

“You understand that hacking is no longer defined by” rooting “a server to obtain state secrets. Hacking these days is about being the step ahead of the technical support,” says hacker in an interview.

There were no reports of sudden crypto surge in the country yet the suggestion to change Swedish currency to bitcoin might introduce an interesting idea for Swedish citizens.

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