SushiSwap launches margin trading with long-awaited Kashi release

SushiSwap wants to offer a wider net of margin assets than independent DeFi lending platforms.
Decentralized exchange SushiSwap has released Kashi, a specialized lending platform specifically designed for margin trading on the exchange. Kashi lets traders borrow assets for creating leveraged long and short positions, similarly to other lending platforms like Compound or Aave.SushiSwap’s Kashi aims to be more specialized than other lending protocols, allowing a wider selection of assets available for borrowing. It does so by isolating risk between individual lending pairs, meaning that a collapse in value of one particular asset will not affect all the positions on the platform. While on other lending platforms, users depositing an asset can use it as collateral to borrow any asset listed, Kashi uses specific lending pairs. A user depositing Ether (ETH) into a vault with Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) will only be able to borrow WBTC, not other assets.The isolated risk profile means that Kashi can add many more assets with much higher risk than other platforms, enabling shorting on a wide selection of crypto assets. The ability to short can increase market efficiency to a significant extent, letting traders fully express their opinion on the price of the asset, as well as facilitate derivatives such as futures and options. Kashi also features flash loans, instant and unlimited loans that do not exist unless they are repaid in the same block. Kashi V1 includes a pre-built list of lending pools, though the V2 release in a few weeks …
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