Still the Top Choice: BitTorrent Speed Maintains Its Lead On dApps Platform

A new data has shown decentralized apps (dApps) to be weak against BitTorrent Speed, even with all its numerical strength. Somehow, users still prefer BitTorrent Speed over dApps and the number of its active users has continued to soar with each passing day.

Key Points

  • BitTorrent continues to floor dApps in the silent competition of the number of active users.
  • BitTorrent’s active daily users continue to grow in leaps and bounds.
  • Justin Sun announces the purchase of Steemit on Valentine’s Day.

According to data released by BitTorrent, no lesser than 700,000 users make use of BitTorrent Speed monthly. Going by the data of this week, the number of BitTorrent’s daily active users beats down that of dApps. With all its numerical might, decentralized Apps follow while BitTorrent Speed leads.

Huge Traffic on BitTorrent Speed Platform

The commitment of users to the BitTorrent Speed platform is truly one to be admired. Not only do active users visit the platform daily, they also open the application at least 4.3 times before the end of the day, according to the data. The report went ahead to disclose the number of users who visit BitTorrent Speed daily. It stated that 195,000 individuals access the platform every day while the number of fresh installs is 28,000 for each day.

The easy to use platform continues to impress users, hence its high number of patronage. BitTorrent disclosed that in a month, the platform’s active users are up to 700,000.

Bringing dApps into the Picture

A survey was carried out on four high ranking websites,,,, and, to determine the number of people making use of dApps daily. Data from showed the total number of dApps daily users, when combined, to be 102,211. The second website that participated in the survey,, had a record of 64,813 active daily users.

On, the figures obtained read 88,172 for dApps daily users, while had a combined daily dApps users of 167,154.

This goes to show what a strong powerhouse the TRON ecosystem, the parent company of BitTorrent, has come to be. The TRON ecosystem has continued to break new grounds, recording massive growth in its operations with no intention of stopping.

A Steamy Acquisition

The ever business-minded CEO, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, respectively, made a big announcement on Valentine’s Day. February 14 witnessed the announcement of the acquisition of Steemit and its Steem blockchain network, which was made by Justin Sun. This acquisition means that the TRON network will be responsible for the running of the largest blockchain-based blogging platform in the world. If there is any Valentine’s gift from Justin Sun to the crypto community, it is definitely this.


The TRON ecosystem has grown greatly both in reach and strength by this acquisition. Steemit is a platform that has a total of 20 million users. Its purchase by TRON signals greater things ahead and oh, how exciting they will be.

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