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State of Colorado Attempts To Use Blockchain In Agricultural Projects

One of United States populous cities, Colorado — has started its target to be considered as a blockchain hub in the country. With this mindset, Colorado has recently introduced a new proposed bill–tackling the importance of blockchain technology in the agricultural aspect of the state.

According to Colorado’s General Assembly, the attempt to introduce a framework explaining blockchain tech corresponding to the needs of the state had finally reached the lawmaking bodies through the House Bill 1247.

Introducing the House Bill 1247

House Bill 1247— with its name ‘Study Agricultural Applications For Blockchain’– was introduced by representatives Donald Valdez and Mark Catlin, with state senators Kerry Donovan and Don Coram as the main sponsors of the bill. The bill explained the relevant effect of using blockchain in one of the major industry in the world– agriculture.

Colorado’s Blockchain Group

The bill pushes for the state to assemble an advisory group which will solely “study the potential applications for blockchain technology in agricultural operations and to report to the general assembly in 2020 with its findings and recommendations for legislation.”

The said group will be composed of the following members of the government: the Commissioner of Agriculture or Commissioner’s designee, members of the Colorado council for the advancement of Blockchain, and representatives from the agricultural and environmental offices.

Aside from this, with the use of blockchain, Colorado also aims to solve the following problems in the agricultural system: such as tracing the products origin from farm to shelf, controlling the inventory, monitoring in-field conditions of the products such as weather, soil quality, and function of the irrigation equipment, filing the maintenance records for equipment and transportation, verifying the data by certifying the organic products, tracking and ordering resources, asset exchanges such as payments and storing products.

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Once the readings for the said bill are moved in the Senate and House of Representatives, the advisory group will be tasked to report its findings to the Colorado legislature by the date of January 15, 2020.

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Colorado’s Chances of Becoming A Blockchain Hub

Interestingly, Colorado has been a supportive party in favor for the blockchain technology. As reported in 2018, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis stated his positive idea for Colorado as a blockchain hub.

According to him:

“Coloradans have a forward-looking vision, and blockchain has the potential to revolutionize our future. We having a booming technology sector and the next governor will need to work alongside the business community to keep our state at the forefront of emerging markets in the technology sector. It’s still the early days in the evolution of blockchain, but we should take the opportunity to get out ahead.”

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