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Star Wars, Wolf of Wall Street NFTs Coming to Ethereum

Mogul Productions is tokenizing artwork inspired by a range of iconic movies. 
Mogul Productions Links With Acclaimed Artist 
Rob Prior, an artist whose body of work includes pieces for Marvel and D.C. Comics, is creating a collection of NFTs inspired by classic movies. 
The popular visual creator is launching the series with three pieces inspired by Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, and The Wolf of Wall Street. 
They’ll be auctioned through Mogul Productions, a project that describes itself as a DeFiFi (decentralized film financing) platform for connecting movie creators, fans, and investors. 
Gagan Grewal, CEO of Mogul Productions, said of the collaboration: 
“Our aim is to support an entertainment ecosystem that brings creators, fans, and financiers together in one space to ensure more great films get made, and we see the NFT auction of film-inspired artwork as the perfect way to commemorate the merging of blockchain and entertainment worlds.“
Prior also joins the Mogul Productions advisory board as part of the move. Speaking of his enthusiasm for tokenizing his work, he said: 
“It’s incredible that we can now make art immortal by giving it a permanent digital life on the blockchain. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with the Mogul team to share my creations with the members of the entertainment community.”
The NFT drop with Prior is Mogul Productions’ first major partnership with an artist. Grewal told Crypto Briefing that Prior’s career credentials make him “a natural fit” for the collaboration. Prior’s …
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