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St. Patrick’s Day Stats: Why Bitcoin Investors Aren’t Likely To See Green

Bitcoin price is struggling to keep above $55,000 at the moment, after a rejection from new record highs set above $60,000 over the weekend. A massive Monday selloff has extended days now, into the Wednesday St. Patrick’s Day holiday – a day typically known for all things green.
Historically, Bitcoin investors on St. Patricks Day have more often than not ended the day with a red candle. Could this year be different, given the strength of the crypto market uptrend? Here’s a closer look at which holidays in the past closed green, and what might happen before the candle closes on today’s trading session.
St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Origins Explained In Brief
St. Patrick’s Day is a “cultural and religious celebration” recurring annually on the death of “the foremost patron saint of Ireland, according to Wikipedia. Folklore claims the Saint Patrick drove “snakes” out of the country, while actually symbolizing religious evangelism that drove the Celtic pagans out of favor for Christianity.
The holiday recurring every March 17th is associated with festivals, celebrations, alcohol, and of course, the color green. Excessive drinking was born from an allowed break from strict lent guidelines on the holiday, while the color green arrived due to the patron Saint using the shamrock to explain the “holy trinity” to pagans.
However, when it comes to Bitcoin price action, investors have more often than not seen a red – not green – daily candle …
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