Sports Token Firm MobileGo Might be in a Legal Battle with Critics

A Sports token company, MobileGo, which bills itself as dedicated to bringing eSport to everyone, has announced that it might be left with no practical option than to file a lawsuit against certain individuals making some unwarranted claims against the company. This matter got to public knowledge via Twitter on Friday, August 17, when a comment stated that the ICO issuer is considering legal actions against investors and any culpable individuals instrumental to their execution.
According to the CEO, Sergey Sholom, while writing on the company’s channel, he said that there has been a lot of “noise” about “investors’ money” while revealing to readers that there is going to be a legal battle between parties spreading rumors which consequently undermine the token’s value and the company as a whole.
However, the CEO also admitted that he made certain mistakes in the past and that he wasn’t sufficiently involved in the project’s development but at the moment, professional management has been established. He also noted that there will be no middle ground with developers or investors that feel unsatisfied. He also stated that there has been malicious, untrue information from people who did not care what the company was doing and some with several ulterior motives.
He continued, saying that as the company is under attack, all “immature and ridiculous” request will be directed to a legal practitioner who will decide which merit a lawsuit as the CEO’s priority seems to be only “legit” goal of the project is the success of the token and the platform.

A Neutral Perspective of an “Outsider”

A cryptocurrency consultant, Samad Sajanlal claimed to have worked on the network which has provided some third party perspective information about MobileGo.
According to him, before the launch of MobileGo project, a certain substitute exists called Game Credit which was created for the purpose of providing a universal gaming token called GAME.  Sajanlal stated that in late 2016, Sergey Sholom and his brother Maxim who owned a company called Datcraft approached Game Credits promised they could deliver thousands of users in less than a year, along with an online store for games that the duo took over as CEO and financial director respectively.
Prior to the MobileGo project, a project called GameCredits was founded with the purpose of providing a universal gaming currency called GAME.
Sajanlal stated that in 2017, the brothers decided to launch their own ICO which raised $53 million called MobileGo or $MGO as a complimentary token to the Game Credit coin. Sajanlal stated that where Game credit token is a gamer token, MGO token was created as a currency wagering in eSport tournaments.
Jack Kuveke, who claims to be one of the first 10 members of GameCredits, stated on Reddit that in the fall of 2017, the brothers, having realized their project would not be ready to go to market took over as CEO and product director. The brothers then introduced GNation as a gaming brand to enable cryptocurrencies to obtain partnerships with non-cryptocurrency parties.

Developers Factional Insecurities

He also stated that, in April 2018, a faction of developers made complaints that the coo which is the brother was engaged on side projects which have adversely affected the company’s efficiency. He further stated that Sholom started staying more in the headquarters at the same time which everyone was aware that the vision for the company certainly had ulterior motives know to them alone.
At this very moment, MobileGo is yet to remove white paper from its official website which by implication will mean that 150 developers would be developing 300 games and the games are readily on board as well and that the Game Credit mobile store us set to be related from the second quarter of 2017.
Similarly, while on the July trip to the company’s Belgrade headquarters, he stated that he met the whole team, he delved into details into details by saying that the company is rather unfavorable. On a particular day. During the July visit, he allegedly told the employees that the brothers sent an ultimatum that causes some of them to leave the office immediately and departed for their various destinations.

Unfulfilled Targets

Samad Sajanlal was reported to have stated that not achieving a target, which constitutes a consideration in the contract, is tantamount to a breach of contract but in this case, not fulfilling objectives that were stated the white paper in the ICO is equivalent to fraud.
Unfortunately, the brothers who promised to integrate thousands of games could only incorporate one game. Sajanlal revealed that the developers were exhausted, and many of them are not working for what they were hired for during recruitment.
According to reports, a group of visionaries within the organization has deemed it fit to split and equally build the GameCredit ecosystem, though under a new name. Sajanlal stated that the organization is named GameCredit Foundation is on the verge of developing the original vision GameCredit started with which is to develop a universal game token. The organization is however not funded by GNation.
Sajanlal emphasized that the Sholom brothers have shifted from what they promised in the white paper of their ICO to humanitarian and charity ventures. He implored them to fund the GameCredits Foundation to build the original vision and to give up their position.
About a year ago, certain individuals posted several comments saying that the MGO launch was fraudulent as they acquired some MGO tokens in the ICO but they didn’t receive any token as promised.
Also, it was reported on a “scam-reporting” website that the company, MobileGo is missing some vital profile data in its database. The report also included that the details regarding the info about the white paper as well as repository about the exchanges available

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