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Specter Wallet Releases Version 1.3.0

The latest release from open-source bitcoin wallet Specter includes one-click Bitcoin Core and Tor setup, RBF transaction support and more.This week, Specter Wallet, an open-source bitcoin wallet that emphasizes privacy and security by allowing users to more easily run their own full nodes, released its latest version (you can download it here).The biggest feature of this latest release is the new setup process, which makes it possible to go from zero to a ready-to-go Specter setup with Bitcoin Core and Tor in just a few minutes. The process is done via a simple one-click setup wizard which will install, configure and manage both Bitcoin Core and Tor for you. On startup, Bitcoin Core will begin with initial block downloading (IBD), which could take a few days. However, for users looking for a quick setup, Specter comes with a quick-sync option, which will get your node up to date in just a few minutes. This optional quick-sync will download a trusted snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain, maintained and signed by the Specter team (at, and start verifying after the snapshot point like any other node (you can read more on the tradeoffs involved in the setup wizard on the Specter app). Another big feature in the new release is with replace-by-fee (RBF) transactions. Up to now, Specter had limited its functionality strictly to increasing the transaction fee. But with the new version, it allows the user to fully customize the replacement transaction. This makes it possible, …
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