Sunday, June 16, 2019

South-Korean Actor Invests In A Blockchain-Based Business

Having the fame of starring in the top-rated dramas in South Korea, Hallyu star named Bae Yong Joon also decides to conquer the crypto and blockchain businesses.

South Korean Actor Now In The Industry

According to the report of Coindesk Korea, top actor Bae had decided to help and highlight the business of food industry with the usage of the new technology called blockchain.

Seamon, a South Korean Blockchain-Based seafood trade start-up, had announced that the actor suddenly invested ‘a meaningful amount’ to their company– implying that the investment is worth of millions of Korean won.

Although Seamon did not detail the accurate amount of the investment, they stated that the money would be a massive help for their firm since the plans of them branching out using blockchain and crypto are ongoing until recently.

Additionally, as explained by the Head of Seamon firm named Lee Jung Hoon, Bae is a great business partner for a lot of other companies in the country. Lee initially offered Bae a position in their company as a business advisor, but Bae refused to take the position. However, he offered a better plan for Seamon as their leading investor for the company.

 “Mr. Bae has long been interested in food businesses such as marine products. I asked for participation as a CIMON Project Adviser, but signed an investment contract last month with the intention of investing, not as an adviser. I can not disclose the amount of investment, but invested a meaningful amount of money, not the level of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Bae’s Great Entrepreneurial Skills

Bae is one of the most famous personality in Korea that admitted his interest in the financial help of new kinds of businesses such as blockchain. Aside from Seamon, it was reported that he also invested his money on startup companies like O2O cleaning service, and Mark Curley, a renowned brand for fresh food delivery.

Seamon Introduces Blockchain in the Country

Seamon believes that blockchain-based system will further help their company to achieve “a transparent business along with reducing unnecessary expenses, and having the faster and safer international transactions.”

Also, Seamon recently announced their plan of launching their crypto called Seamon Coin that can be used for payments in their products. Aside from this, the cryptocoin can also be used for exporters since their crypto exchange called Seamon X are also planning to be implemented soon.

The years of crypto investors hiding their investments in digital currencies are now long gone. As famous personalities poured in, the level of crypto and blockchain businesses also arises.

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