Monday, June 17, 2019

Song: Joseph Lubin Yet to Back-Up Publicized Blockchain Bet with Money

Popular Bitcoin enthusiast, Jimmy Song and CEO Joseph Lubin are yet to finalize the terms of their highly publicized bet, and Song has not failed to rub it in the face of Lubin one more time.

Bluff or Word?

Earlier this year in May, CEO of leading maker of blockchain-based applications, ConsesnSys, and Bitcoin engineer-turned-instructor Jimmy Song famously entered a public duel making bold predictions concerning the future of blockchain.

The event which occurred at the world’s biggest blockchain conference in May had Amber Baldet, and Lubin pitted against notable cynic, Jimmy song. The heat would evolve from Baldet’s attempt to hear an opinion of Song’s on her new blockchain project, Clovyr: an endeavour Song was not ready to be lip-service. Amber Baldet, former head of blockchain operations at JP Morgan had the most caustic of replies from Song: “I didn’t see anything other than buzzwords,” he said. “It’s like, let’s play buzzword bingo!” And the bigger blow? The audience seemed to agree with Jimmy Song’s unbending assessment.

Jimmy, who is known to not be a fan of blockchain as a magical solution to all problems, went on to explain why he thought most tech enthusiasts are getting carried away and making shallow promises. According to Song, most solutions provided by blockchain can be efficiently bettered even by present technologies. Likening blockchain to magical pixie dust, the Bitcoin instructor believes implementation of blockchain by private corporation and enterprise is not as heavenly as it sounds.

While Lubin became bullish that blockchain technology among private corporations would gain traction in less than five years, Song was less sure. Lubin has publicly proclaimed that he could bet on any amount of bitcoin named by Jimmy Song that blockchain dApps would go mainstream in half a decade, but Jimmy has recently called out Lubin’s words as only bluff. He has dared the co-founder of Ethereum to put his money where his mouth is.

In a tweet meant as a reply to another bullish claim by Joseph Lubin, Song wrote:

“Don’t believe a word this guy says. Remember, he predicted dApps would take over the world by 2023 and offered a bet to me on stage and seven months later, has *still* not finalized the bet. Words are cheap @ethereumJoseph, why don’t you put some money behind that mouth of yours?”

Song’s bold calls might just have come at the unlikeliest of times for ConsenSys following recent reports of the company’s ongoing major layoff of staffs.

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