Sunday, June 16, 2019

Software Engineering School Accepts $10,000 Worth Bitcoin Donation

“I am committed to helping students build their startups and careers as a way of giving back to those that helped me get started,” says Scroll Network co-founder.

Philanthropy At Its Finest

It’s all “about philanthropy.” That is the statement of Nathan Pitruzzello– co-founder in a software company, Scroll Network– regarding the company’s massive donation to software engineering school located in Connecticut, USA.

Bitcoin Donation Worth $10,000

As an early gift for the year 2019, Scroll Network led by Pitruzzello announced its decision to donate $10,000 worth of bitcoin tokens to crypto-friendly Holberton School in New Haven.

The said donation targets to help the students of Holberton as an additional fund for facilities and its other financial needs. As Pitruzzello sympathizes with the students of Holberton– since he also builds a software company, he detailed that he is very excited to help the students of the school.

“Holberton’s approach to providing cutting-edge software engineering training to people from different backgrounds, including entrepreneurs like myself, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds, has resonated with me from day one — I am very excited that this education model is launching next door to us right here in New Haven,” the Scroll Network founder added.

Holberton also expressed their gratitude with Pitruzzello. As stated by Holberton director Nadine Krause, the bitcoin donation will be used for the benefit of their students since the school does not charge an upfront tuition fee. Moreover, the money will be helpful for their students’ expenses.

“We’re honored that [Nathan Pitruzzello] chose to support Holberton students in this way and to help further our mission of making our program accessible to more people, regardless of an individual’s experience level or financial means,” Krause concluded.

Holberton Achieves To Be Blockchain-Friendly

Holberton is known for its developed educational system that aims to “drive the digital transformation revolution.” The school offers two-year course training for future software engineers and looks forward to its students to work for prestigious workspaces like Scroll Network.

Aside from this, the college was also known for its utilization of blockchain technology, happened in October 2015. In using BTC blockchain tech, all the students’ information including their certificates were composed in one digital ledger that aims to “counter the threats of false resumes and fake certificates,” that were evident cases in different companies.

“By having students’ certificates available in a public blockchain, Holberton School makes it easier for employers to check if a candidate is truly a graduate from the school,” Holberton stated at the time.

It is truly a joyful moment to witness how cryptocurrencies become a method of helping other people and not just being subject to crypto crimes and frauds.

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