SmartKey Shows There Is Real Value and Utility in NFT Tokens

NFT tokens are taking over the investment scene these days, with unbelievable valuations and all kinds of brands and major artists rushing in. On the technology side SmartKey shows that NFT tokens can be used for more than just speculation, bringing real value and utility to the world. The project is now listed on KuCoin, with support for trading SKEY starting on March 19, 2021.
SmartKey Brings Blockchain Technology to Real Life
SmartKey is a platform that connects the DeFi revolution with real world objects. Unlike so many projects in the field that promise a lot but have nothing real to show for it, SmartKey has working blockchain technology that is already being used not only by companies but also by government emergency services to save lives. Last year it made headlines around the world when the city of Olsztyn in Poland used blockchain technology to streamline its fire, ambulance and police teams, reducing critical response times – using SmartKey.

The advanced technologies powering SmartKey are critical to the sharing economy of the 21st century. The platform combines Oracle II generation technology with Blockchain Of Things (BoT) technology – creating digital contracts that give access to specific values such as office and home rental, parking and carsharing systems. The combination of these 3 technologies creates a unique smart contract in the form of an NFT token called SmartKey which defines the rules of access to a given value managed by an IoT sensor that grants access. The NFT – SmartKey contract is an IT record of …
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