SimpleFX Trading App Launches New Website

SimpleFX, one of the fastest-growing mobile trading apps, is pleased to announce its brand new website packed with fresh features for traders. The new website is optimized to load even faster both on mobile and desktop browsers with the addition of new sections such as trading ideas posts, blog previews, top symbols to trade, and more. This new look will surely push affiliate conversion rates higher.
Check out the following content structures and new page features.
Top Trading Ideas
Traders can post genius trading ideas on the SimpleFX platform and earn rewards. It’s a way to develop a friendly but competitive community. A feed of trading ideas posted on SimpleFX will be displayed on the SimpleFX website. Whether you are bullish on Bitcoin or about to sell Tesla, share your thoughts and you might win yourself a reward.
Blog Feed

Take a peek at our latest blog posts here. Watch out for top market news to help make great trading decisions. Updates on new platform features, trading tutorials, and the best trading practices are also shared here.
Top Symbols of the Day

This section displays the top 3 most-traded symbols of the day along with their short-term charts, prices, and daily percentage changes. Don’t get left behind on hot symbols to trade.
CFD trading is our expertise. The new website is a great source for visitors to learn about trading the easy way. Everyone with diverse levels of experience is welcome.
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