Should Bitcoin Be Capitalized?

Should the word “Bitcoin” be written in uppercase or lowercase? This very question has been a source of confusion to a lot of people. This piece should help clear this confusion.

Bitcoin as a Payment Option and Protocol

When a capital “B” is used to start the word Bitcoin, it describes the use of Bitcoin as a payment option and protocol. In addition, when the entire ecosystem is being made reference to, the word “Bitcoin” is also written in uppercase. Therefore, when Bitcoin is being talked about in a general manner, it is most common to start it with a capital letter B.
Here is an example: “Bitcoin is the best way for people to make payment online faster, cheaper and safer.”

Bitcoin as a Currency

Bitcoin is written as “bitcoin”, with a small letter “b”, when it is being referred to as currency. When Bitcoin is being talked about as a component of the transaction or when an entity use of Bitcoin as a currency in a topic of discussion, Bitcoin should be written like this, “bitcoin”, in lowercase. For instance: “I need you to confirm the five bitcoins I sent to your wallet.”
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The Normalization Factor

In some quarters, Bitcoin is written in the small letter so that it can look normal just the way other technologies appear normal when written in small letters. Take for instance, after the introduction of the Internet, for a long time in publications, the word “Internet” was capitalized and even till now a lot of publications still write it that way. But the word “Internet” began to appear in lowercase after a period of time when it had become a full part of the society. That is, people no longer view it as something strange. Therefore, the word Bitcoin appears in lowercase in some publications for the same reason, to give people a sense of familiarity with the technology.

Different Versions of Bitcoin

In recent times, we saw the separation of Bitcoin into two identical versions (Hard fork), sharing similar transaction history and code. With the coming of the new version, questions arose about which of them to capitalize and which to write in lowercase. So, to make the new version, Bitcoin Cash, appear stable like the first Bitcoin, the two of them were written in uppercase.

Final Words

These are some of the reasons why Bitcoin have appeared in different ways over the years. So, whenever you see Bitcoin written in either uppercase or lowercase, I believe this article has shed some light that will help you identify the possible reason behind it. Whether it is written in uppercase or lowercase, there is a story behind it, and now you can identify them.