Seth Shapiro Promises A Better Netflix Using Proof of Engagement (PoE) Algorithm

Seth Shapiro a two-time Emmy Award winner and also a leading advisor in business innovation, media, and technology, founder and the CEO of AlphaNetwork, Blockchain’s platform wants to improve the Netflix with “proof of engagement” network. This announcement was made on Wednesday at the Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul, Korea.

Improving Netflix with the “Proof of Engagement”

Seth Shapiro’s Blockchain platform to improve Netflix with the “Proof of Engagement.” This was made known on Wednesday at the beyond block summit in Seoul, Korea. The “Proof of Engagement” powered by AlphaNetwork Al, is meant to “evolve the Netflix Experience,” with a reward of tokens and premium content. The company envisions a new era for media through the platform, by providing creators, advertisers, media companies with applications for proper management of video monetization.

Seth Shapiro, the CEO of AlphaNetwork, states “The media business is at an inflection point.” Seth further states that “The average household pays for 206 networks but watches 15 of them. Forty years ago, TV news was a trusted source that announced the end of the war, but now, the news plays the same scandals ad infinitum. While there are lots of great content creators online, it’s incredibly hard for them to make a living. These are some of the challenges we want to take on with AlphaNetworks—rebuilding the best parts of the media business on the blockchain.”

The developers of the platform are well experienced in both blockchain and entertainment, they include personality such as; Seth Shapiro, the CEO and also a two-time Emmy Award winner, John Maatta; a former Governor of the Television Academy, David Moss; a former COO of the CW Network at Warner Brothers, Jay Samit, and Frank Scherma; the President of Radical Media.

Popular online video services such as Netflix, YouTube, and HBO, in conjunction with interactive platforms such as Twitch, are combined by AlphaNetworks. Better recommendation and a proper compensation mechanism are included for better pricing and accountability. A transparent ledger is made available for data ratings. This will lead to an increase in compensation for programmers and increase choice for the viewers.

AlphaNetworks targets a higher customer engagement and equally conversions through a “Proof of Engagement” (PoE) algorithm, which adequately monitors and reports real interaction with content, this will provide the advertiser and the content creator unequaled knowledge of the audience behavior.

ScreenR tokens can be used by viewers and advertisers to gain access to content, products, and services, while creators and rightful owners will be paid through tokens according to the rate of consumption of their content by viewers.

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