Sunday, June 16, 2019

Science Museum In US Now Accepts Bitcoin Payment

Another establishment now relies on crypto value as Great Lakes Science Center located at downtown Cleveland, Ohio announced that they will now accept bitcoin payments for the entrance on their massive science museum.

According to the announcement, one of the largest museum and educational facility in US now decided to allow their visitors to pay through the form of cryptocurrency using their mobile phones. The museum stated that they will start accepting bitcoin on Tuesday, November 13. The decision of the management of Great Lakes was rumored to be based on the recent event of crypto in the city called Blockland Solutions Conference in where crypto had been the major topic in the event.

“There is a lot of excitement around the conference. Accepting bitcoin is just a small part of the momentum to grow a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland,” said Great Lakes Science Center president and CEO Kirsten Ellenbogen in a statement.

Ellenbogen also explained that the museum’s passion in presenting new scientific discoveries and advancement in technology were the reasons why the museum needs to allow crypto as their payment. In this way, the museum will be able to tackle and introduce crypto with their visitors making it more well-known in their city.

“Last year we launched our mobile app that uses augmented and virtual reality to allow guests to experiment with flames in space and test spacecraft designs re-entering Earth’s atmosphere when they visit the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, and now they’ll be able to use their phone to pay for their admission using Bitcoin.”

Great Lakes Science Center was not the first educational facility that opens their doors in the emerging technology of crypto. As a matter of fact, they’re already the third museum in the US to use bitcoin payment. Two of the firsts museums to use crypto were Coastal Bend Museum in Texas and St. Petersburg Museum of History in Florida.

Does Users Really Demand Crypto Payment?

According to a study made by CreditCoin, they found out that almost 75 percent of people would spend more using cryptocurrencies instead of fiats as they prefer this method. However, as also explained in the study, this percentage of people preferring cryptos lacked in the idea that many establishments already accepts crypto as payment; making the conclusion that there is still no enough stores in the world accepting crypto payments.

“If I had to pay for something that requires a large amount of money to be moved in a short period of time, I would consider using cryptocurrency. If I didn’t want to dip into my crypto stash, I’d convert fiat intro crypto and send that,” Forbes interview with cryptocurrency investor, Douglas Kim.

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