Saturday, May 30, 2020

Satoshi Nakamoto Resurfaces On April Fool’s Day

Craig Wright has been trying too hard to make us believe he is Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. The Australian computer scientist has even dedicated a post on Medium to it and gone as far saying he is ready to swear under oath. Nonetheless, Satoshi Nakamoto has rejected the identity of Craig Wright.

Satoshi Nakamoto Resurfaces on April 1st

On April 1, Satoshi dusted his old account on Bitcoin Talk which hasn’t been touched for years. The Bitcoin creator posted the message “I am not Craig S. Wright.”, “See you in 2140!” alongside a meme of three members of the cryptocurrency community. The meme’s message read, “what do these people have in common”. 2140 is believed to be the year Bitcoin will hit its maximum supply of 21 million coins.

In order to check how legit the account is, a media outlet contacted Jake Greeves, a lecturer at the Ashton University lecturer who supposedly had dealings with Satoshi. Greeve confirmed that the punctuation and phrasing in the message are very similar to that of Satoshi and as such if it was not his work, whoever impersonated him must have spent hours studying how to craft a message of that nature.

While commenting on the meaning of the meme, Greeve said:

It represents a natural evolution of Satoshi’s linguistic expression. The thin frames, the large pictures which acknowledge some of the best known lying sociopaths of our time, and the open-ended question are all signs of authenticity

April Fool’s Day Catches Up With Cryptocurrency Community

At this point, we would’ve loved to go on with the story, but the actual truth is, there was never a post of that nature on Bitcoin Talk. There is no one at Ashton University (if the university even exist, the closest is Aston) which goes by the name of Jake Greeve and as such, a joke was once again pulled on the cryptocurrency community.

Several media outlets picked up the news and some members of the community were also swayed by it. Nevertheless, after much search for the post on BitcoinTalk, today’s date was finally recalled. The BitcoinTalk event is not the last of its kind, given that rumors began to spread that the platform will be requiring KYC to verify its users.

Ethereum’s CEO and Tron’s CEO Become Friends on April Fool’s Day

Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun, both CEO’s of Ethereum and Tron respectively have been known not to see eye to eye. Justin Sun, for instance, said Ethereum was built on hype in the last bull run. Buterin’s response to the tweet was that Sun is a “self-identified shill and not worth listening to.”

However, the same was not the case today. Buterin posted a picture of him and Sun with a caption, “Toward a brighter tomorrow”.

ZCoin Rebrands to Nothing and Without a Logo

Another joke that was pulled, is from the crypto startup Zcoin. It announced on Twitter and its blog that after consulting with the community and creative agencies, the coin will no longer have a name. Zcoin further said it was the future is nameless and they are now the first company whose coin does not actually have a name

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