Thursday, July 18, 2019

Samba Bitcoin to Feature Bitcoin at Rio de Janeiro Carnival

A famous Rio Dance Festival scheduled for next month is set to feature bitcoin and the evolution of money and digital currencies as its theme.

Samba in Bitcoin

Brazil is a place of gaiety and light-heartedness, and its people have become famous for infusing fun and entertainment in the most breath-taking of ways. From inventing their own beautiful style of football and invoking their popular ingenious Samba dance even into the most seemingly banal things, a group in Brazil is just to about to take up the game up a few notches by helping others see the richness (pun intended) in money.

Imperatriz Leopoldinense, a popular Samba school in Brazil with a rich history dating to the fifties has chosen money, and the evolution of currencies as its theme for the upcoming 2019 Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro. The festival which is scheduled for the first week of March is set to feature the best dancing troupes from all over Brazilian soil.


Imperatriz Leopoldinense has revealed a lot of thought behind the choice of money as a theme for a dance. Nothing can get more creative than finding the inspiration in what might seem the most inartistic of things for a dance. The troupe has however found the art in it, and they are more than eager to share with millions of people: the relationship between money and humanity. According to the school’s website, the troupe’s dance has been titled ‘Give me some Money!’ as it seeks to explore the evolution of money from its first minting in the old Lydia to the first issuance of paper currencies in China in the tenth century.

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“Our story is about money and its relationship with humans from their invention to the present time. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important instruments in the economic life of nations and people,” the school wrote.

“Imagine what life would be without money. How could we buy and sell, receive and pay, stock up and save for the future, if it did not exist?”

Brazil in the Money

While some people have pointed out the irony in Imperatriz Leopoldinense’s choice of theme given the seemingly financial difficulties that the carnival was experiencing, it does not hide the fact that Brazil, in general, has been rising to the world of digital currencies as of late. Its supreme court recently ruled giant bank Banco Santander from freezing out Bitcoin Max exchange account last year.

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And since then, more than 30 percent of Brazilians have shown interest in Bitcoin according to a study.

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