Russian Companies Launch Bitcoin ATM Tracker Site

Nanobit and Sova.rf, are two Russian companies that have launched a Bitcoin ATM Tracking website. The platform shows locations in Moscow, the country’s capital where Bitcoin ATMs and traders of cryptocurrencies can be found. There are plans that in the future, locations in other countries will be added to the website.

Providing Ease in Locating Bitcoin ATMs and Exchanges is the name of the online platform, and it aims to make it easy for people to find physical locations where they can trade. In Moscow alone, there are about 11 Bitcoin ATMs, and it is believed that there are more in the country. This also includes local exchanges where digital currencies can be traded.
Cryptocoinmap takes advantage of Yandex map, a Russian map that works similarly to Google Map. This website allows people to search for places in the Russian capital where they can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. They can also customize their search to meet the working hours of the business.

Location and Prices of Cryptocurrencies are Displayed on The Tracker

In return, the site displays the addresses of available ATMs in the area. Users can also see the prices of these digital assets in real-time. The price is culled from Bitfinex and price charts are also shown to help people know the recent trend of the coin they may be interested in. The site also shows the exchange rate of each digital asset in fiat currency such as Russian ruble, U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, etc.
At the moment, the platform only displays about 7 locations for trading cryptocurrencies and as such, more locations will be added. The companies behind the platform have revealed that in time, they will add more businesses and those in other countries. For a business to be registered with them, they must, first of all, prove that they do not owe taxes and present other financial documents.

Other Bitcoin ATM Tracking Sites

There is already a tracking site of this nature, but this is the first that is targeted at Russians. The former is Coinatmradar, and it grants users access to over 4,000 locations where Bitcoin ATMs can be found. This is a site that has been operating for years now and currently supports 74 countries.
This means that people who are interested in trading digital assets do not have to rely only on online platforms like Coinbase and Mercatox. They can do so offline from an ATM and other nearby local stores in the region. That is why there is a need to provide the easiest way possible for them to find them.