Russian Bitcoin Laundering Suspect to Go on Hunger Strike Prior to Trial

Alexander Vinnick’s lawyers’ banter with the media and the press continues to unravel, with the alleged cybercriminal being revealed to be on the verge of a planned hunger strike, according to a recent release by local Russian news outlet, TASS.


Timofey Musatov, the head of lawyers representing Vinnick has unfurled into a bit of annoyance has he seemingly follows his lawyer-colleague who pointed fingers at the Greek Supreme Court few days ago. Musatov has likewise shot out a warning to all parties interested that his client would be carrying out a planned hunger strike by Monday, as a protest to the way he was being treated by the Greek Supreme Court.

Zoya Constantopoulous, also one of Vinnick’s lawyers had earlier accused the same justice wing earlier this week of political and racial discrimination on the grounds that her client is a Russian National, after French extradition documents failed to also send Russian translations. Mustaov likewise has voiced out that Vinnick is prepared to go all out given the justice department has left him with no other options.


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The Russian suspect who came to the fore of international press last year after his arrest in Greece has been held in detainment for a little over a year as countries continue to fight for his extradition. Now defunct, Vinnick was the alleged owner of the previously operational BTC-e exchange and US-based TradeHill which supposedly facilitated the launder of billions of dollars for various criminal activities in Russia and other countries. After ruling for his extradition to the United States last year, the Greek Court reviewed its previous decision and decided on an extradition to his home country, Russia instead. However, following an extradition warrant ordered by France in June, the Supreme Court postponed a final decision to the 29th of this month.


Prior to the hearing on Thursday, next week, Vinnick’s head of Lawyers claims the Greek court is planning to continue with a consideration for the issued warrant despite the French warrant already being expired: According to Musatov, the warrant issued in June had a viability of 90 days. Regardless of this, the court has continued with proceedings, to the lawyer’s chagrin. He took to the press.


“The Greek Supreme Court’s judge completely ignores the work of lawyers who cannot even file a petition,” he said of the Court’s indifference. “She does not give them an opportunity to speak or do it. After observing this situation, Alexander realized that he would either get a fair trial or die.”

Vinnick is said to have decided to make himself heard after his lawyer made it clear to him he was being discriminated.

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