Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Russia Today News Platform Adopts Steem Blockchain to Publish Content

Russia Today (RT), a global news network of eight TV channels recently announced that it is using the Steemit Blockchain for content publishing. This places the company among social media platforms like Twitter, Vkontakte, and DLive that have adopted the blockchain technology.

Russia Today Confirms Use of Steem Platform for Publication

In a post on Steemit, Russia Today confirmed that they are now using the Steem Blockchain to publicize their content. According to the media outlet, they are a global news network of eight TV channels. Their channels include English, Spanish, Arabic, and a documentary channel. They also offer their services to 100 countries in five continents.

Steem users who made comments on the post showed their excitement to have one of the largest news networks in the world adopt the platform. A user was quick to point out the decentralized nature of the platform which takes away censorship of posts as would be the case on other social networks.

According to them:

Welcome to the blockchain revolution, comrades! It’s a pleasure to see you join the fight. This place is doing its best to further the truth and stop censorship, and I hope you’ll help to do the same. Thanks and good luck. You’re not going to need it though!

Steem, on the other hand, is a social blockchain platform that rewards its users for sharing content. According to their website, $59,595,935 has been sent out as rewards since June 2018 and the platform is used by over 1 million people across the world. The Steem blockchain is purportedly faster than the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.

Social Media Platforms Adopt Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is fast gaining adoption by social media platforms. An instance is the case of Vkontakte (VK), the largest social network in Russia which recently launched a cryptocurrency, VK Coin. The virtual asset can also be mined from an Android or iOS smartphone.

In the same vein, Facebook has been looking into the area of the blockchain. There are rumors that the U.S. based social media company intends to launch its own stablecoin. It has also been taking steps in that direction by buying its first blockchain company and even hiring blockchain experts.

It is also worthy to note that PewDiePie, World’s Biggest YouTuber on April announced that he will be live streaming exclusively on DLive. The latter is a video streaming platform that is based on the Lino blockchain. According to the YouTuber, the platform prioritizes content creators and values their hard work.

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