Ruling Russian Political Party Launches Blockchain-Based Website for Electronic Voting

United Russia, the ruling party of the Russian Federation has updated its preliminary voting website to include an electronic voting function. The blockchain-based portal is aimed at improving transparency by eliminating intermediate links in the electoral process. Therefore, citizens can vote for party candidates via the website, according to a recent report by Tass.

Preliminary Voting Website Based on Blockchain Technology

Based on the report, United Russia has updated its pre-voting website to include a blockchain-based voting function. The latter is in a bid to simplify the country’s preliminary voting process which has been scheduled for September 8. Thus, citizens who had registered and passed authorization on the portal will be able to cast their vote.

Other than voting via the public services portal, candidates, on the other hand, can enter their details on the website. They can include photos, videos, news and also share their pages on social networks. In line with that, a mobile version of the site has been created to make it accessible on smartphones.

Blockchain Technology to Bring About Transparency During Elections

Vyacheslav Sateev, head of IT projects at Digital Party working group said the aim of the platform is to increase transparency in the elections. Here, all intermediate links are eliminated in the electoral process and as such, all information collected will come from the polling station and the voters themselves. These are information about the voting process, violations, and the results of the expression.

Sateev also noted that storing of votes on the blockchain makes it difficult to change results. As such, the counting process will be implemented using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

He also stated that:

The opportunity to vote via the Internet was created in 2018 using the Electronic Pre-Voting service. More than 217 thousand people then took part in the electronic voting.

Russia Submits Bill to Propose the Use of Blockchain Technology

In February, the city council of Moscow submitted a bill for the use of blockchain technology for its electronic voting system. Likewise, Moscow City Duma, a local parliament of the Russian capital made plans to protect the process, as well as the results, using the blockchain.

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