Monday, June 17, 2019

Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road Founder Cries Out For Presidential Pardon

Digital powerhouse and founder of Dark Web marketplace known as the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht is pulling all the strings available in getting clemency for the double life sentence he is currently serving in the United States of America.

Plea for a Presidential Pardon

Ross Ulbricht in his letter to Bitcoin proponent, Roger Ver as disclosed was seeking help in getting clemency for the double life sentence he is currently serving in a top prison facility in Colorado.

In his emotional letter to Ver, Ulbricht stated categorically that the only hope he has in gaining freedom is through a presidential pardon, as he has run out of all other options.

“Despite your generous assistance throughout my legal battles, especially at first when very few were coming to my aid, I have lost time and again in court. We gave it a great effort, but the deck is so stacked there’s little chance of winning no matter how much money and talent goes into it. Now my best hope is convincing the president to commute my sentence.”

Support from the Crypto Community

Ulbricht is seeking the help of the entire cryptocurrency community, especially the top decision-makers and those who are close to the president to help him get his message across to him, who some believe is a secret crypto admirer.

To achieve the desired objective, Ulbricht asked Ver as well as other highly placed crypto influencers to make a video clip adding his voice to the effort to get the United States president, Donald Trump to commute the life sentence.

The struggle to free Ross Ulbricht is nothing new, it started last year and had already received over 115,000 signatures on the website.

The campaign also took a political undertone when the Libertarian party passed a resolution during its annual convention urging President Trump to grant Ulbricht a full pardon.

Market observers are of the opinion that Ulbricht’s hope lies in the fact that President Trump, though has not openly expressed his love for the cryptocurrency industry, but his body language signifies that he has no problem associating with the digital currency market.

The administration is not shy to associate itself with crypto firms and establishments, as reported by BTCNN in October when the chief marketing strategist of Ripple stated that the company is in discussion with the Trump administration on how to develop the economy through the infusion of digital currency into the country’s financial market.

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