Sunday, June 16, 2019

Roger Ver Appeals To The Crypto Community On The #DeleteCoinbase Campaign

Roger Ver, CEO of and chief proponent of Bitcoin Cash has discouraged people from continuing the #DeleteCoinbase campaign that has been ongoing. The movement began as a result of the U.S. based exchange’s acquisition of Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence startup. While many did not bat an eyelid to it, others were not too eager to let go of the event surrounding the staff of Neutrino.

Coinbase Acquires Neutrino, Faces Backlash from Community

Coinbase, an American virtual currency exchange recently acquired Neutrino. To the average cryptocurrency enthusiast, it may have looked like another addition to the company’s holdings. Nonetheless, more findings revealed that some workers of Neutrino were involved with a Hacking Team. The latter is allegedly an intelligence firm which sold offensive surveillance tools to governments, law enforcement agencies, and corporations with poor human rights records.

That being the case, the hashtag “DeleteCoinbase” is trending, and there have been reports of people deleting their account on the platform. The recent actions of Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase has gone unheeded.  Armstrong announced that the workers would be relieved from their jobs even though they are no longer affiliated with Hacking Team.

Roger Ver Tweets in Favour of Coinbase Exchange

Roger Ver, on the other hand, made a Tweet in that regards. According to the early investor in crypto startups, Coinbase has immensely contributed to driving cryptocurrency adoption more than any other company. As such, people should be grateful and overlook the poor decisions the exchange has made. He added, don’t delete Coinbase.

While some of Ver’s followers were quick to agree, others reminded him of comments of a similar nature which he had made in the past. For instance, a user quoted him to have said, “MT Gox is fully solvent, don’t worry about your money.” MT Gox is an exchange that was hacked in 2014, and several investors were not compensated for their losses.

That aside, another Twitter user said:

Moving $100 from bank account into $100 worth of #bitcoin on @CoinomiWallet takes less than 5 minutes using @CashApp If you use @coinbase or @CoinbasePro it takes over a week to do the same exact thing!

Ver Uncovers Another Issue from the Past

Before Ver’s tweet, one that goes contrary to his current statement was made on March 5 which uncovers an issue from the past. The investor replied to Coinbase’s tweet from 2017 where the exchange had announced that they are hiring Kathryn Huan. Huan was included in the Exchange’s Board of Director.

Ver in his tweet said:

Kathryn Haun is a former federal prosecutor responsible for sending countless people to prison for victimless crimes. To my knowledge, she has never apologized.

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