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Robert Kiyosaki races to buy Bitcoin and Ether as the economy weakens

Robert Kiyosaki—American businessman and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—maintains his protracted campaign for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and Silver, ceaselessly criticizing the government for the state of the economy.

In a recent tweet which was only one of the several elements that characterize his campaign for virtual assets, the entrepreneur declared, “Money is a drug. It makes people happy. Problem is when drug wears off people get unhappy. But gold silver Bitcoin money and stay happy”.

Kiyosaki has since the start of the pandemic been lambasting government policies which he believes would potentially lead to hyperinflation, disparaging fiat currency, and campaigning for the adoption of virtual assets which, in his words, are “real money”.

The businessman who is also the author of Rich Global LLC noted that he is disinterested in ongoing arguments about which asset holds more value and is solely looking to acquire as much as he can. “So I’m just grateful I have a lot of gold, silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and I don’t get into the argument”, he said in a new Rich Dad Radio Show episode, further maintaining, “Just get as much as you can right now because the government is screwed. We’re screwed. Our whole economy is screwed”.

In his incessant campaign, Kiyosaki has not missed an opportunity to criticize the Federal Reserve especially in the area of economic policies in combatting growing financial problems. In one of his several tweets, he claims stimulus checks negatively affect the middle …
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