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Ripple’s XRP Sees Unexpected Gargantuan Upsurge – Overtakes Cardano and Tether

Better late than never. XRP enthusiasts are celebrating the phrase after seeing the digital asset record a late performance early this week. Starting Monday, XRP experienced heightened activity and price explosion.

Trading volume surged by as much as 500% while prices pumped by up to 40%. After opening the week at $0.60, the digital asset hit a daily high of $0.90. It further successfully climbed from 7th place to 4th overtaking Cardano, USDT, and Polkadot.

XRPUSD Chart By TradingViewPreviously dismissed by some investors following its woes with the SEC, Ripple’s XRP is gradually making a comeback. Court developments so far indicate XRP is edging ahead. As such, XRP has been making a recovery.

In fact, at current prices, XRP is worth more than when the case was first presented by the SEC. Since the turn of the year, XRP is up by 170%. Of course, the situation remains fragile and a single development could see it crash.

As the court developments have looked encouraging, there has been a call, better yet a movement, created by XRP traders to have exchanges relist XRP. An army of XRP traders has been vocal on social media calling for US-based exchanges to relist XRP.

Bitcoin Dominance On Edge

XRP’s surge is a further indication of a changing trend. Performance from last week has suggested that investors might be preferring altcoins to Bitcoin. Since failing to stay above the $60K price level, Bitcoin’s dominance has been tumbling. At the same time, top altcoins have been performing exceptionally.

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