Ripple & Ethereum Donations: The Social Side of Cryptos

Today, two big facts happened that showed the world the importance of the social side of cryptocurrencies. First, early today it was known that Ripple donated the astounding amount of 29 million dollars to a non-profit organization called “DonorsChoose”, one of the most recognized charities of their kind in the United States.
DonorsChoose enables teachers to request materials and resources for their classrooms and makes these project requests available to individual donors through its website. Donors can give $1 or more to projects that interest them. But the donation from Ripple Foundation was sufficient to fund all of the projects that were pending on their website. Charles Best (DonorsChoose founder) announced this in a Youtube video giving thanks with a big smile, launching the #BestSchoolDay campaign to celebrate.

The other extraordinary donation was made by OmiseGo and the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. They gave the equivalent of one million dollars to aid in the Ugandan refugee crisis through GiveDirectly. This was announced by the same organization on a blog post on its webpage. GiveDirectly is an organization that coordinates the use of its resources to fund a year of family maintenance in third world countries where the daily income is less than one dollar.
These are very important ways of showing that cryptocurrencies are not only about speculation and make-you-rich quickly strategies. The crypto community must also retribute to the society. Things like this made us remember the prime times of cryptocurrencies when the social question was still primordial. A huge shoutout to these companies that even with the bear market today found the way of contributing to these non-profit and charities. We hope that more crypto-based businesses follow this trend and also give support to these kinds of initiatives.

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