Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ripple Combines Three Products Into Ripplenet, Driving Transactions To 50k TPS

The XRP cryptocurrency has seen a bullish move in its price in the past week, a development courtesy of its partnership and plan of launching a new product, xRapid. However, while the excitement of the new product, xRapid is trending and the seven new partners that will pilot the product already announced, Ripple is seeking better means of publicizing its three products under the same umbrella of the firm.

Two of the three products functions without the use of XRP as a bridge to conducting transactions, while the new product brings to limelight the use of XRP as a bridge for real-time settlement across borders. Bringing the three products under the same umbrella, with a better definition to its community of users will help to engage them more and give more awareness.

Ripplenet, The Face Of Ripple’s Products

A change has surfaced on the Ripple’s website as updates and changes are noted to be going on the website. The previous look of the site shows a display of their products as the face of the blockchain. But the new look portrays the Ripplenet as the first contact of the Ripple solution.

Further, the website now displays the benefits of Ripplenet under it and the products they offer; xVia, and xCurrent that gives instant settlement to transactions. The website now gives the two products description based on access. Xvia is described as standard access, and the xCurrent tagged full access. The benefits of the products are listed, and visitors are directed to a box offering Access On-demand Liquidity with Digital Assets.

This eliminates the separation of its services and combining them under a multifaceted solution named Ripplenet. Notably, the site describes the function of the two products as access levels that can settle transactions instantly through XRP, a digital asset used in Ripple’s xRapid product. Though no official announcement is made yet on these changes, however, it shows more work is going on in the background.

The Record Breaking 50,000 Transactions Per Second

The Ripple website also indicated that the solution has the capacity of 50,000 transactions per second. An awareness and advert to its intending customers.

While this showcases the capacity of the Ripple infrastructure, which demonstrates high scalability that is rare of most blockchain solutions, the capacity would be proven when massive use trails the blockchain service.

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