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Ripple CEO Says Legal Pressure May Suppress Company, But XRP Stays Intact

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse has spoken out against the legal wars it is currently facing in the United States. The infamous lawsuit filed against the company for “passing as a security” and selling unregulated XRP tokens has made for a lasting debate in the crypto community.

While the company awaits a verdict at the court hearing set to run until August 16th, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has made significant comments about the state of the company, as well as its native token XRP.

XRPUSD Chart By TradingViewRipple may shut down, but XRP is here to stay

In an interview granted to  “Axios on HBO” Garlinghouse makes a bold statement about XRP’s dominance, implying that although the legal battle may force Ripple to exit the United States, (whether willingly or by law) XRP will remain in record books as a thriving digital asset.

“That lawsuit, I think, is misguided; the idea that XRP is a security. It has traded out there for eight years, if it was a security, we should have known that a long time ago.”

The CEO’s response, which could be interpreted by critics as a defense that implies that the SEC’s inability to brand XRP a security is enough to label the accusations made against it false, was later clarified.

“If you own a security, It gives you ownership of a company. If Ripple goes away, XRP is going to keep trading. Many countries around the world —Uk, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland— all have …
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