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Reputable Food Delivery Portals Around the World Accepting Bitcoin

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What exactly can you do with your Bitcoin? Trade with it, gift a friend, store up for brighter days when the market isn’t looking so gloomy? Good enough, but there’s more to it than these! Now here’s what you should know: In 2019, you can buy Pizza, Burger, Cakes, and other dishes directly from food delivery portals around the world that are accepting Bitcoin.

Food ordering websites may have been primarily focused on payment methods such as Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, and the likes, but the same cannot be said in 2019. This is because some of the largest sites in their respective countries are now allowing clients to exchange their virtual currency for food. Notable among them, are Hungry.dk, Lieferando.de, When Hungry, and Shuttle Delivery.

Largest Denmark Food Delivery Accepts Bitcoin for Payments

Hungry.dk is a food delivery portal that has been in operation for some years now. It currently boasts of a network of over 1,400 restaurants where Pizza, Sushi, and other foods can be purchased. The best part is, customers are not limited to cash payments with  Paypal, Apple Pay, or credit card, but can now trade their Bitcoin for food.

Largest German Food Ordering Site Allows Bitcoin Payments

Like Hungry.dk, Lieferando.de, a platform that caters for Germans has been accepting Bitcoin since 2017. That being the case, people can order from 13,000 fast foods in the country using this digital asset. The company which is a subsidiary of Takeaway.com claims that as at 2016, over 50 percent of its customers were paying for food online. Therefore, accepting Bitcoin gives them a convenient and easy way of making purchases.

Russian food delivery Also Accepts Bitcoin

When Hungry or Want to Eat is another platform that has adopted Bitcoin to aid its payment processes. It is also worthy to note that the company has partnered with 800 restaurants in the country and its platform serves up to 90 Russian cities. Asides Bitcoin, When Hungry recently publicized that they will be adding Ethereum and its native token, WHY to the list of payment methods a user can use to make transactions.

Church’s Chicken Restaurant in Venezuela Adopt Dash Cryptocurrency

Other than food delivery stores, Restaurants themselves have taken positive steps in adopting virtual currencies. BTCNN reported an instance of this on December 13 that Church’s chicken is now using Dash cryptocurrency for payments. Specifically, the virtual asset is accepted in Church’s restaurants in Venezuela, a South American country where the Dash is fast growing.

Conclusively, you don’t only get to see your Bitcoin as a value; it can be closer to you than you think. Moreover, food is of the essence, and that is why each of these platforms has found a need to merge human necessity with modern technology. These are websites that cater to hundreds of fast foods at a time and thousands of clients. As such, this encourages the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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