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Reimagine Your Life With Bitcoin

Part 2 of a series discussing the shared values between Bitcoin and Jordan Peterson’s newest book, Beyond Order.

Rule II: Imagine Your Life With Bitcoin, Then Aim Single-Mindedly at That

A reimagination of “Beyond Order” by Jordan Peterson through the lens of Bitcoin.


This is part 2 of a 12-part series. This work follows the chronological order of “Beyond Order.” Each piece represents one chapter and the corresponding subtitles below match the subtitles in the original work. If you own the book, it adds a second dimension. This writing mirrors the ideas in

We are all conditioned to believe our government has the capability to effectively manipulate money resulting in better outcomes. History shows the contrary. Bitcoin is founded on Austrian economic principles — the counterbalance to Keynesian economics. The Mises Institute continues in the spirit of great Austrian economic thinkers like Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig Von Mises and Murray Rothbard. To find what you most need, you may need to deconstruct ideas you were born into, and that is not a place most people wish to look.

How to Act

“Aim at something profound and noble and lofty.”

Bitcoin is a candle in the darkness that exposes a known truth: our money is broken. Government experts insist on debasing our hard-earned money because these events were unforeseeable. We are all passengers on the Titanic and Bitcoin is Noah’s Ark.

Imagine Your Life With Bitcoin, Then Aim Single-Mindedly at That

This is a guest post by Nelson Chen. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.

Article First Published on Bitcoin Magazine

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