Regulatory Compliance in Full Focus as Digital Assets Reach Mainstream Adoption Globally

By Elaine Sun, Compliance Director of Huobi Technology
The traditional financial infrastructure and the very idea of money are changing before our eyes. The concept of “store of value” has largely been tied to the physical, like gold, or faith-based systems backed by governments, like fiat currencies. But like many outdated beliefs of eras past, this narrow definition no longer holds true.
Today, we’re witnessing the rise of digital assets. Though they share many of the same characteristics as traditional assets like liquidity and exchange value, digital assets offer unique advantages. Many are decentralized, meaning no single governing body or entity controls it; the supply is often finite, something that can’t be said about fiat currencies; and its digital nature makes it much more easily accessible, especially to underserved populations. 
And these benefits haven’t gone unnoticed. People from all over the world have flocked to digital assets like BTC, ETH, and countless others. Retail investors are buying up cryptocurrencies at unprecedented levels. Institutions both traditional and digitally native have started embracing digital assets. Publicly-listed corporations like Tesla, Square, and Microstrategy have diversified their balance sheets with bitcoin, and even legacy financial institutions like Goldmans Sachs and JP Morgan are rolling out crypto products to their wealth management clients.
It’s clear that we’re now at a tipping point and mainstream adoption is not only inevitable, but it’s nearly here. But as we enter this next stage of global adoption, the future of the digital asset …
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