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Razor Network Partners With Ambee to Provide Real-Time Environmental Data to Blockchain Users

Razor Network has strategically partnered with Ambee to provide blockchain developers and users with real-time environmental data. According to a joint press release, the partnership will be focused on developing reliable environmental data sources for businesses, authorities, and users.

Hrishikesh Huilgolkar, CEO of Razor Oracle Network noted that the partnership will address environmental challenges that hinder economic scalability.

“Razor’s integration with Ambee API will be a foundation to help blockchain developers access secure and verified environmental intelligence data. This will address the problems of data reliability that exist in pollution monitoring and it will help developers to use this data to create applications that can be used by major Industries, Government Agencies, and Healthcare companies worldwide,” Huilgolkar noted.

Speaking on the partnership Ambee CTO and Co-founder, Madhusudan Anand, said that different global businesses can now tap on real-time environmental data to combat air pollution-related challenges.

“One of the ways to address key environmental issues is by bringing in behavioral change among people. We are happy to partner with Razor Network to make our environmental data available on the blockchain. It can help in finding solutions for pressing environmental problems. Blockchain developers can now use our hyperlocal real-time air quality data for building financial products like crop insurance, risk assessment, ESG, and climate-related financial instruments,” Anand noted.

Blockchain technology can be relied upon when it comes to critical information, particularly the environmental aspects. “Currently, data related to hazardous fluctuations in the environment are not verifiable, publicly available, tamper-proof, and most …
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