Friday, July 10, 2020

Ran NeuNer: “If Bitcoin Was a Bubble, I’ve Never Seen a Bubble Pop Twice”

The gradual increase in Bitcoin’s price over the past one week has woken up a lot of criticism about the virtual asset. Media websites like Gizmodo believe that investors didn’t learn a lesson the first time. On the other hand, Ran NeuNer, host of CNBC’s Crypto Trader is of the opinion that even if Bitcoin was a bubble last year, he has never seen a bubble pop twice.

NeuNer Tweets Concerning Publications Targeting Bitcoin

Ran NeuNer in a tweet to his followers on April 6 outlined that he cannot have regard for any publication that still tags Bitcoin a bubble. He added that even if the virtual asset was a bubble as at last year, he has never seen a bubble pop twice.

His comments were made in reference to the cryptocurrency hike in price in December 2017 before there was a sharp decline in 2018, which many believe the bubble of 2017 had been busted due to the falling market rates.

Comments Made by NeuNer’s Followers

Some of those who made comments pointed out that the Bitcoin bubble has busted more than once. An instance is the case of the user, @MatiGreenspan who noted that it was a bubble in 2011 when it spiked to $31 before declining. Another user said
“You’re clearly baiting here. The bitcoin bubble popped in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018. If you’ve “never seen” it, it’s because your research was sub-par as always.”

While responding to the tweet, Neuner said: “You’re right! How much would you charge to become my lead researcher?”

That aside, it seems the Bitcoin enthusiast was not yet done bashing media outlets for their opinion about Bitcoin, because on the same day, he had something else to say. According to NeuNer, talks about Bitcoin’s price collapsing should’ve been a thing of the past by now. He adds that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

NeuNer also targeted CNBC when he made reference to an article on the platform which condemns the virtual asset. He noted that by now, CNBC would’ve been smarter in their selection of who they allow on air as well as articles that are published.

John McAfee Believes the Cryptocurrency Winter is Over

Asides from CNBC’s host, other people are expectant that something good might come out of the latest price rally. Among them would be John McAfee who said the bow had exhausted its stretch limit and from here on, we can expect higher prices. Joseph Young, a cryptocurrency writer also outlined that if Nasdaq could double its returns after the dotcom bubble and survive the financial crisis of 2008, then Bitcoin can recover rapidly.

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