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Pumpy Finance Protocol (PMP) Launches Yield Farming

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Pumpy finance announced the launch of a low-fee Yield Aggregator with Limited Supply on the Binance Smart Chain. The new project seeks to solve major Ethereum based project issues by lowering fees, thus the amount needed to earn rewards.
The protocol will be charging a 0.2 to 0.5 percent fee to cover gas costs for their dynamically optimized auto-compounding. Withdrawal is completely fee, Vault Fee (PMP Buyback & Burn) is 1.5% and Entrance Fee is below 0.1% on initial capital (One-off).

Pumpy Finance allows anyone to earn passive income on one of the fastest-growing and cheapest yield farming platforms on the market. Additionally, the team plans to add single high-yielding pools, presenting more opportunities for farmers. The long-term goal of Pumpy Finance is to build a sustainable economic model when platform tokens can serve as a medium of exchange and a store of value. For that purpose, they already released a native utility BEP-20 token, PMP. It will be used for distributing rewards (earned from the project’s revenue) to token holders. In total, there will be a limited amount of 100k PMP tokens.
For every block minted in the BSC, participants of the Pumpy Finance ecosystem will earn 0.0085 PMP. Vault fees (1.5%) on vault users’ profits are used to perform market buy-backs and these $PMP are burnt out of supply forever. The idea is to support prices by gradually reducing the supply of PMP. Finally, for transparency, Pumpy Finance’s code has been audited by Vidar—rigorously examining code to …
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