Popular Streaming Service Twitch Introduces Cryptocurrency Tipping

Twitch, the popular video streaming platform, has announced on its blog page that they are now supporting cryptocurrency tipping to streamers, starting July first. This feature will act as a complement for the already accepted normal tipping on the platform, that features Paypal and other means of payment like Twitch Bits, a sort of native currency for the platform.
Twitch is a popular video streaming platform, in which people can stream whatever they like: gameplays of their favorite games, video blogs and such. People have the option to support the work of each streamer with tips. But till now, every tipping solution has worked with many drawbacks. PayPal tipping is the easiest way for users and streamers to tip and be tipped. But they carry two drawbacks: first, PayPal collects a cut from every tip made; and second, tips made by this method are prone to chargebacks, this means, the tipper having second thoughts about the tip and canceling it days or even months later.
Twitch bits (also known as cheers) can be bought with real money in Amazon services, but this also needs a somewhat convoluted setup to get the currency in teh platform. Twitch is partnering with Coinbase, to integrate their wallet services into the platform. So, to tip with cryptocurrencies the tipper should have a Coinbase account, and when tipping the balance will be deducted automatically from the available cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency tippees won’t have to worry about possible chargebacks, because it won’t be possible with this kind of payments. The twitch platform has been always supportive of cryptocurrencies: they already accept payments in crypto for subscriptions. For some streamers of twitch, donations are the most important source of income, apart from subscription costs that have to be split with the platform. At first, the cryptocurrencies supported will be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, but they have announced that they will add support for another crypto assets later.

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