Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Bitcoin Evangelist, John McAfee Declares Campaign Slogan as “Don’t Vote McAfee”

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John McAfee, reputably known for his Antivirus software and controversial remarks towards the government is at it again. This time, it’s about his 2020 presidential campaign whose slogan is “DON’T VOTE MCAFEE”. As outrightly stated, the politician is not all out to win and in his opinion, he wants to set people free from the bondage of the government through the use of cryptocurrency.

McAfee Reveals Slogan for His 2020 Presidential Campaign

John McAfee has revealed on his campaign website that the slogan for his 2020 presidential campaign is “DON’T VOTE MCAFEE”. According to him, his priority during the campaign is to free people from the stronghold of a government that has gone insane. The latter, he said is controlling people’s actions and what they absorb into their mind.

The 73-year-old further states that until people are free, there cannot be any real change. Much more, the government feeds people with the wrong information and National issues are kept a secret. In his opinion, this misinformation and withholding details cannot help to bring change.

Cryptocurrencies Will be The Focus of McAfee’s Campaign

However, McAfee has a way out, and that is by making cryptocurrency the focus during his campaign. With virtual currencies, he believes the people can set themselves free without any violence. Alternatively, money is the strongest chain that the Government uses to bound people.

John McAfee also said:

We aim to break that chain for as many people as possible by helping them become familiar and comfortable with a technology that can empower them to do it.

In addition to that, the politician has stated that when it comes to issues relating to education, immigration, and foreign policy, he really has no idea. He adds that anyone claims they do is either lying to themselves or the public. “We must first be free. Freedom for The People is my only goal”, he said.

A Campaign to be Run While in Exile

Other than being the first to use a tagline of this nature, the programmer is also the first to run a presidential campaign while in exile. And who says nothing is possible? BTCNN on January 23 reported of McAfee’s publication on Twitter. According to him, the IRS was about to charge him for unspecified crimes that are of felonious nature.

More tweets towards that direction revealed that he his on a boat where he will run the campaign from. In addition, his supporters will be divided into groups, where one will have to wear a mask of his face to attend conferences for keynotes and debates on his behalf. The other group will volunteer to stand by the roadside with masks on, while his voice blares through loudspeakers.

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