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PokerTON on Telegram: Game Community Reaches 85,000 in 2020 and Continues to Grow Rapidly

PRESS RELEASE. PokerTON – a Telegram-based platform for playing poker. PokerTON is one of the most successful projects of the Free TON blockchain affiliate program for companies that are implementing a TON Crystal in their business processes as payment methods.
Since its release in May 2020, the PokerTON community has grown to 85,000 people worldwide and continues to grow rapidly. In May 2021 PokerTON had 120,000 players on the platform.
Free TON blockchain platform successfully launched in May 2020. At the end of the year, the Free TON community included about 10,000 companies and individuals, including developers, validators and representatives of the cryptocurrency industry. Today, the Free TON Network is a community-driven decentralized blockchain platform with a unique partnership model and one of the most advanced technology stacks on the market.
One of the most significant elements of the free TON development models has become a large-scale program for partners. In 2020 more than 20 companies all over the world were able to successfully integrate into the Free TON community and receive tokens for their business plans. Among the most successful projects is the development and launch of a full-fledged poker platform – PokerTON – based on Telegram ( Now you can play poker using the popular messenger to avoid blocking.
The first tournament took place on May 14, 2020 and gathered only 28 people. Today, the monthly growth is 30,000 users, and on average, there are from 100 to 500 players in the game daily. More than 1,500 players take part in the Weekly Sunday freerolls. During all that time, more than 500 freerolls were held, …
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